The Movement

The Righteous Movement began in the heart of our founder, Matthew Jones in October of 2011. In just a few short months, we’ve rapidly grown to hundreds as soon to be thousands of young adults across the State of Michigan and beyond. Matthew Jones leads The Righteous Movement with strong zeal and passion to see the people of God rise up and experience life as Christ intended. It’s an explosive, rejuvenating movement of God– something you must experience to understand.

No matter which of  the events you attend, you’ll always have the same experience. The same excting atmosphere, passion, love and encouragement. The same refreshing, authentic worship. The same God-inspired, easy to understand message from the Bible. We believe that when a person truly understands the Word, it equips them for a better life. And whether it’s via broadcast or in-person teaching, the life-changing message of Jesus Christ is waiting to revive your entire reality as you participate in the Righteous Movement.

Connect with us, as we endeavor to with Love, clarity, and personal persuasion follow God For Real!